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What is the difference between a 3-speed and a 7-speed bike?

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Vivelo bicycles come standard with 3 gears; however, for an additional cost of $70 , you can upgrade to the 7 gear option. Unlike a traditional gear, the planetary gear is hidden in the rear hub, so all visible elements are built-in and protected from dirt or damage.

The advantage of this solution is the ease of use. We do not have to wonder if the chain is aligned at the front and rear. When changing gears, we do not even have to pedal, we can change the gear while stopped, for example, while waiting for the lights to change at a crossing (which is absolutely not recommended for traditional external derailleurs). Another plus that is failure-free.

The whole system is tightly closed, which means it is not exposed to dirt and changing weather conditions. This prolongs the life of the bicycle and simplifies maintenance for the average user to basic cleanliness and proper lubrication of the chain

Having 7 gears also increases the comfort of driving. A higher number of gears is especially useful when you ride on sloped terrain. Moreover, if you plan to have an additional load (eg a child seat, a full basket, etc.), 7 gears are very helpful. The number of gears we should choose depends on the physical condition and the preferences of the cyclist because the differences between the hubs are based on the percentage of gear ratios in each gear.

To illustrate in a very simplified way, changing from first to second gear on the Shimano Nexus 3 hub is comparable to changing from first gear directly to fourth on the Shimano Nexus 7 hub. We can easily notice that we still have the second and third ratios, which allow us to develop speed smoothly. In most any city, we encounter many hills, and to ride them easily and efficiently the most suitable choice would be a seven-speed hub. The simplicity of having only one shifter allows for comfortable and easy handling when changing gears.

Is the varnish/paint (powder coating) durable?

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To create our bikes we use the highest quality, certified varnish/paint directly from Switzerland. Vivelo bicycles are painted with unique powder varnishes, made to order in the Swiss laboratories of the world’s leading paint manufacturer – KABE. These powder coatings are characterized by their durability, high resistance to mechanical and atmospheric damage, exceptional gloss, as well as protection against corrosion. Having received certification confirms that the highest standards are maintained during the painting process, guaranteeing the excellent quality of the varnished/ painted elements. This is an undeniable priority for Vivelo.

Which brakes are used in Vivelo bikes?

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All Vivelo bikes come standard with a Torpedo coaster brake “pedal”. It is located in the rear hub. The La Donna, Rider, and Rider X models also have a v-brakes auxiliary brake. In the Chopper model you can also use a Shimano roller brake.

What is the difference between roller brakes and v-brakes?

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Roller brakes are considered to be failure-free and known for their resistance in all weather conditions. The entire braking system is located in the center of the hub. Those types of brakes are mostly used in city-style bikes. The main advantage of this type of brakes are that the brake is sealed, so it is resistant to sand or other contaminants. The disadvantages include the possibility of overheating during long rides. Brakes are also not suitable for bikes that require a lot of braking power, as they will not hold up, as for example, in mountain bikes.

The v-break brake is attached to the frame fork, and its design resembles long arms to which the brake pads are directly attached. Through the fork passes clamping rope, which is permanently connected to one of the arms. After tightening the brake handle, the cable shortens, which makes the pads tighten to the rim of the bike. This type of brake is mainly used on MTB bikes. The clear advantages of V-brakes, which are very popular jaw brakes, are that they are cheap and easy to service. They stand out with a quite good braking power, but although they perform well on flat terrain, rain or mud will affect their braking performance and this is the biggest disadvantage of these brakes.

What is the difference between these two auxiliary brakes? The roller brake works similarly to the ABS system in cars, thanks to the brake modulator placed inside the brake. What does this mean? During braking, the bike slows down and does not cause the wheel to lock completely, reducing the risk of falling over the handlebar or uncontrolled slipping. The roller brake works reliably in all weather conditions, providing a safe ride for the cyclist. This kind of brake has a very low failure rate.

Which Vivelo models are best for my height?

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The La Donna model best fits people with a height of 4’7″-6′ (145-183 cm), the Rider and Rider X models best fit those who are 5′ – 6′ (155-183 cm), and the Chopper model best fits those who are 5’2″ – 6’4″ (160- 195 cm).

What is the typical estimated time of delivery?

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We strive to ensure that you receive your purchase as quickly as possible. Please allow 5-7 business days for production time, plus another 3-7 days for shipping, depending on the delivery address. In the high season, delivery times may be longer. We invite you to contact us by phone and we will be happy to provide you with the planned date of shipment.

What are the grips and saddles made of?

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The grips and saddles are made of high quality ECO leather. To clean, please use warm soapy water or ECO leather cleaner for best results.

Where is th Vivelo showroom located and can I buy a bike right away?

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Our showroom is located in Wynwood at 2032 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33127. In the showroom, you will find several color profiles of the various models that Vivelo has to offer. There are both catalog models and models created by us using the customizer on our website. If you find a model with colors that suit you, you can take your new bike home with you on the very same day!

Is it difficult to ride on a bike with 3- inch tires (the Rider X and Chopper models)

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Although 3 – inch wheels may seem heavy and difficult to ride, they are not. Thanks to the fact that the tire is conical when it is properly inflated, you ride only on its top/middle ridge, not the entire surface.

Can I change the color of a single part of a catalog bike?

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If you want to make any color changes to a bike in the catalog, it is advised to use the configurator on our website and choose the bike as a configurable model. Colors of the grips or saddles can also be changed, just specify your color choices in the comment section of your order.

Can I install a baby seat?

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Yes, the La Donna, Rider, and Rider X models are prepared to install a baby seat on the carrier. Around 90% of available baby seats on the market are compatible and can be installed. You will need to buy a carrier, install it on the bicycle, then attach the baby seat to the carrier.

Are Vivelo accessories compatible with bikes of other companies?

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Some of our accessories, such as bells or valve caps, will fit most other bikes available on the market. Accessories such as a basket liners or saddle covers, have been designed and created by us for Vivelo bicycles. Baskets are rather universal, you can put one on the handlebar using rods covered in rubber achieve the perfect angle without scratching the frame. For Vivelo bikes, we mount stands for the basket; however, by using a ribbon or a self-tightening wristband you can attach it permanently to the bicycle.

How do I adjust the saddle?

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To adjust the saddle you will need an Allen key No. 6. First you need to remove the saddle with the seat post from the bicycle frame (see HOW TO ADJUST THE HEIGHT OF A SADDLE). Then turn the saddle upside down to see the bottom of the saddle. This is where the seat post is attached to the saddle. Now, loosen the fastening bolt and move the element with the bolt on the rod of the saddle to get the best angle.

How do I adjust the height of the saddle?

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Adjusting the saddle height is very simple. We adjust the saddle by loosening the seat post clamp, which is where the seatpost enters the frame. We can move the seatpost in or out of the frame to ensure the ideal height of the saddle.

How do I adjust the handlebar ?

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The handlebar can be adjusted in two places. The first option, is by unscrewing the stem (very gently, not to unscrew the “bone”, which is located at the bottom of the screw). The stem can be pulled out or stowed so as to obtain a perfect position while driving. The second option is to set the angle of the grips by making an adjustment at the place where the stem is connected to the handlebar.

How long is the warranty?

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The bike frame has a 5 year warranty. The rest of the elements have a 1 year warranty.

How do I clean the tires?

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One of the best options is to clean the tires with water mixed with regular soap liquid or liquid milk (in Poland, CIF). Heavy dirt can also be cleaned with a cloth dampened in denatured alcohol (preferably done with protective gloves).

How do I install a basket?

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If you want a Vivelo basket to be properly attached to the bike, install a basket stand under the bridge. Hang the basket on the front of the handlebar with the two handles behind it. This will allow you to freely remove the basket at any time. If you do not want the basket to bounce when going over potholes, stick a ribbon or a cloth band through the basket and the basket stand. Now you are ready to go!

Can I get a gift voucher?

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Yes, gift vouchers are available for purchase.

Can I pick up a bike myself?

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Absolutely. Pick up is available in our showroom. Tuesday to Friday: 11am to 6pm, and Saturday and Sunday: 11am to 8pm.

What is the max load for Vivelo bikes?

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Vivelo bikes have aluminum frames and their maximum load is 120 kg (250 lb).

Is it possible to install fenders on a Rider X?

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Unfortunately, no. The wider 3″ tires don’t allow them to be installed. However, fenders can be installed on the Rider model, which has a slightly smaller 2.125″ tire.

What is the max pressure of the tires?

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For 2.125” Tires – up to 50.5 PSI, which is equivalent to 3.5 BAR or 350 KPA.

How does the light work and how do I change the batteries?

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Vivelo bikes are equipped with LED lights, powered by AA or AAA batteries depending on the model. Replacing the batteries in the lamps is very easy. Unscrew the screw on the bottom of the lamp, then turn it and open the lamp. The black button on the top of the lamp turns the light on and off.

Where can I buy a carrier?

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Carrier is available at, in the accessories tab.

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