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Gear options

Standard 3-gears with option for 7-gears for even smoother and more comfortable ride.


The Vivelo Chopper is undoubtedly a bike that you cannot ignore. It's undisputedly the darkest of characters - it's masculinity and pride. Specially for this model, we have designed a completely new, very comfortable frame - the COMSHAPE. The fork was enlarged and the tires and rims were replaced with wider ones - thanks to which it gained a combative character. It handles well in both the urban cityscape and the suburban park. A specially designed frame, a straight profile and a large, dual spring saddle contribute to making a ride on a Chopper one that you won't want to end. This model was designed to have an ideal body frame for people with a height of 5’2” – 6’4” / 160-195 cm. The Chopper signifies pride and self confidence.
Technical details
  • aluminum frame (alloy 6061) COMSHAPE
  • rear hub with coaster brake Shimano Nexus 3 (7 gears optional)
  • front roller brake Shimano Nexus
  • wide aluminum rear fender
  • aluminum front hub with ball bearings
  • 26′ wide aluminum rims, reinforced
  • 26″ x 3,0 Kenda tires, which also allow driving off paved roads
  • aluminum stem
  • aluminum seatpost
  • aluminum crank
  • aluminum bottom bracket with sealed ball bearings
  • wide aluminum pedals
  • wide comfortable handlebar
  • double springed, very comfortable saddle, eco-leather cover
  • grips eco-leather cover
  • strong front LED light (25 LUX, european standard)
  • rear LED light
  • adjustable aluminum kickstand
  • simple bicycle key-tool 
  • weight 45 lbs

Hand - made

Italian saddle

Super comfortable, double springs, hand stitched in Italy.

aluminium frame

Unique, frame shape for maximum comfort and sophisticated look.

powder coating

Unique gloss and higher resistance to mechanical damage and scratches.

Nexus gears

Smooth ride, elegant look and zero maintenance.

reinforced rims

Extra durable rims ready for extensive city trips.

Rust-proof parts

Aluminium parts with rust-resistant coating.

LED Lights

Standard front and rear LED lights
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