Bicycle Wicker Basket White




White wicker bicycle basket - a perfect option for stylish cyclists and their high-end bicycles. 

A beautiful, white wicker bicycle basket will be an excellent accessory for an urban two-wheeler in a romantic, vintage-inspired style. Handwoven from the best twigs of wicker. Easily mounted owing to two wire fastenings; excellent for shopping -  you can easily dismount your white bicycle basket wicker, and then, being full of shopping, mount it back again without difficulty. Get it with some of our matching, colourful  basket liners and make your bicycle the most stylish in the city! What you get: a stylish bicycle appearance and an opportunity of transporting luggage (and even a pet) up to 6 kg

Dimensions of our stylish white bicycle basket wicker

  • Basket underside dimensions: 28x21 cm
  • Basket top dimensions: 40x33 cm
  • Basket height: 23 cm
(may vary slightly - a handicraft product)
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