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Hermesis the perfect combination of comfort and style. Unique appearance, exceptional driving comfort, and unique colors are its dominant features. Hermes is a modernized and more comfortable version of bicycles that you can find on the streets of Dutch cities. With 28″ rims and appropriately narrow tires, Hermes moves swiftly and quickly. Hermes’s weight and comfort make it perfect for getting around the city.

Thanks to the three or seven-speed gearbox, no urban hill will be a challenge. A Vivelo-designed aluminum frame, large, comfortable, double-sprung saddle, and an upright silhouette guarantee that you will feel comfortable even on the long rides. Thanks to Hermes’s design, people with a 155-195 cm height can keep the correct posture while riding. That allows for longer rides without getting tired.
Perfect for men who appreciate classic design with modern functionality.

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