Who doesn’t love riding bikes? From riding as a child to riding as an adult whether for fun, commute or otherwise, it’s both a fun activity and a useful one no matter what walk of life you’re in. Most recently, bike riding has been taken to a whole new level with the creation of custom bikes.

Miami-based Vivélo is an innovative bike company specializing in hand-crafted bikes complete with lightweight aluminum frames, handmade saddles and grips, Swiss powder coating technology and more. CEO and Founder Piotr Nowocien recently opened headquarters in the lively neighborhood of Wynwood, Miami after exceptional business growth last year, which even included celebrity-acclaim. People such as Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank loves the bikes so much he bought several and even made a video about it.

The handcrafted and customizable bicycles with colorful spokes and hand-sewn seats come as beach cruisers and chopper bikes that stand out even in a place that is as bright as Miami.

“The American market has enormous potential, but it is not easy,” states the businessman who launched Vivélo in 2019. “In a very tough market, full of cheaper bicycles made in China, I decided not to compete on price but to build the best quality cruiser bikes. Every client can design their bike using an online configurator, and our team hand-assembles the bike in our headquarters located on Main Street in Wynwood.”